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Bonvoyagelouis kooperiert mit entrupy

The future of authentication: BONVOYAGELOUIS relies on entrupy!

Why authenticity testing is crucial for second-hand luxury items

In the glamorous world of luxury fashion, authenticity plays a crucial role. For many of us, buying a second-hand designer piece is not just a question of style, but also an investment. But how can you be sure that you are actually buying an original piece? At BONVOYAGELOUIS , we have found the answer: a collaboration with the innovative technology company entrupy .

entrupy verification

The challenges of the second-hand market

The market for second-hand luxury items is booming. More and more of us are choosing to buy high-quality pieces second-hand, whether out of environmental awareness or to enjoy luxury without having to pay full price. But this growing market also has its downsides. Counterfeits are a constant threat and make it difficult for us buyers to distinguish between real and fake items.

What is entrupy and why is it the future of authentication?

Entrupy is a leading New York-based company specializing in the authentication and certification of luxury items. Using cutting-edge technology that combines artificial intelligence and image analysis, entrupy offers over 99% accuracy in verifying the authenticity of products. This technology makes it possible to analyze the smallest details such as leather texture, stitching and logos and ensure that the items are original.

This is how authentication and certification works with entrupy. Authentication with AI technology

The authentication process with entrupy is extremely effective. Each item is first checked using the sophisticated AI technology using a scanner. High-resolution microscope and macro images of the item are taken, which are then analyzed by the entrupy software. This compares the images with a huge database of reference images of real and fake items. The authenticity of the product is then confirmed.

With their patented technology and a team of highly qualified scientists, they are setting new standards in terms of authenticity guarantees. Entrupy has already authenticated products worth over 500 million dollars and enjoys the trust of companies and consumers worldwide.


Entrupy as an extension of our existing processes at BONVOYAGELOUIS

The introduction of entrupy is an extension and complement to our existing authentication process. It ensures that we rely not only on human expertise but also on the latest technology to guarantee the quality and originality of our products. With entrupy, we now have the opportunity to add an additional, objective layer of verification that supports and complements our internal expertise.

The advantages of the certificate of authenticity

A certificate of authenticity from entrupy offers several advantages:

  • Additional trust and security to the classic examination: The technology complements the classic examination process

    as an additional measure to provide customers with another layer of security.

  • Traceability: The certificate is traceable throughout the entire life of the item.


Buying luxury items should be a pleasure and a safe investment. Thanks to our partnership with entrupy, as a verified business partner, we at BONVOYAGELOUIS can offer you the security you deserve. 

With the support of entrupy, we offer you double security and protect you from counterfeit products. Experience the new era of authentication of second-hand luxury items.

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