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The relentless fight against counterfeits: how to recognize a genuine Louis Vuitton bag?

The relentless fight against counterfeits: how to recognize a genuine Louis Vuitton bag?

Finding an authentic Louis Vuitton vintage bag or Louis Vuitton second hand bag is a big challenge these days. With online commerce growing and counterfeit products proliferating, staying alert and protecting yourself from scams is crucial. 

But this is where the challenge begins: How can you ensure that the second-hand bag you hold in your hands is authentic? The world of counterfeiting has cast a shadow over the reputation of designer brands, making it a real art to distinguish an original eg Louis Vuitton bag from a skillful imitation. 

According to a study by the European Union's Counterfeit Reporting Information System (CRIS), more than 12 million counterfeit products worth over €600 million were confiscated in 2021. Luxury items, particularly designer bags , have been particularly affected by these counterfeit products. The large marketplaces on the Internet are also suffering from this. They fight every day with counterfeit designer items that are offered for sale by private individuals. 

Authenticating a Louis Vuitton bag requires an in-depth understanding of the various features and details specific to that brand. 

Experts in the field of Louis Vuitton authentication have accumulated extensive knowledge over the years and have become familiar with the different production periods and style characteristics. 

Here are some important aspects to consider when reviewing a Louis Vuitton bag:

1. Material and pattern : Louis Vuitton uses high quality leather or the iconic canvas material with the famous monogram pattern. With the canvas pattern, the letters "LV" should be sharp and clear, while fakes often have fuzzy or poorly executed patterns.

2. Leather : The patina is a feature that can often be found on original second hand or vintage Louis Vuitton bags . Patina refers to the natural aging and change of leather over time. Louis Vuitton bags use high-quality cowhide leather, which develops a characteristic patina over the years.

3. Stitching and Finishing : The stitching of an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is accurate and even. There are no loose threads or obvious irregularities. The quality of the workmanship is also reflected in the durability of the bag.

4. Metal Fittings : The metal fittings such as zippers, rivets and clasps should be of high quality and function smoothly. The logo or engravings on the metal fittings should be clear and precise.

5. Lining and Labels : The lining of an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is carefully crafted and often features a stamped logo. The data code, present on bags after introduction in the early 1980's, should be clear and precisely stamped. However, it is important to note that some older Louis Vuitton bags prior to this time, although authentic, did not have a data code. In such cases, other features such as the design, finish, and material are critical to the review.

The Louis Vuitton archive can serve as a valuable resource for obtaining information about specific models, production dates and other relevant details.

It is important to note that authenticating Louis Vuitton second hand bags is a complex process and requires a combination of different features and knowledge. It is highly recommended to consult experienced professionals to ensure you are acquiring an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.

At bonvoyagelouis.com we understand the challenges of finding an original Louis Vuitton vintage bag . We have extensive expertise and only offer authentic bags. 

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